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18+ Years


Contemporary is a blend of ballet and modern jazz dance. It builds a strong centre and combines precision leg work with fluidity of the torso. Contemporary dance encourages self expression, natural movement and personal interpretation.

Dance Classes For Pre Senior - Just Dance It
Dance Classes For Seniors - Just Dance It


Tap Dance enhances coordination and rhythm. Students have fun making loads of cool sound and creating rhythm with their feet!

Just Dance It teach under the PULLARS and L.G.T.D.A Syllabus, students have the opportunity to sit their exams and advance their technique and gain a Teaching qualification.

Jazz/Hip Hop

A high energy and dynamic class designed to excite and motivate kids! Learn how to kick, split, jump and turn like a dance star! Improve your flexibility, strength and fitness.

Be the coolest kid on the dance floor and learn the best and freshest dance moves! Learn the latest Hip Hop steps and combinations and develop you own unique style!

Dance Classes For Seniors - Just Dance It

The Mum Hub

A dance fitness class designed for busy mums! 

Open Age - Dance Class