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Beginners and first timers just wear anything for your first class that you can comfortably move in: 

e.g. t-shirt, shorts or leggings, joggers on your feet.

After your first class we can then start getting your uniform and dance shoes.

Just Dance It has a range of different uniform items available to purchase to wear throughout your classes.

As much as we would love nothing more than to have our families in on all of the action unfortunately we just don’t have the room to be able to cater for all of our students and their families. We do understand dance class is super adorable and of course we as parents just want to watch every single moment so we do apologise. Students are more attentive to their teachers during a dance class if an audience isn’t present so there is a plus side. We will invite you along for sneak peaks throughout the terms, you won’t miss out completely!

Please head on over to our very own Dance Shop!! 
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