Miss Sarah

How long have you been involved in dance?

I have been involved in dance for 22 years! Starting at the age of 5 I took every dance class that came my way. Growing up performing was my favourite thing to do!. I would just find every opportunity I could to dance. I knew from a very young age that one day I wanted to provide a place for kids to dance, not just a typical dance studio. A special and unique studio where the core value would be about having fun and challenging kids to do their best. A place where every child would be encouraged to be themselves. I believed that teaching dance with this approach would create self-confidence and skills that would last a lifetime. By providing a safe, caring and fun environment for kids to dance I would be able to watch lasting and lifelong friendships be created. I wanted a studio for every child to be able to shine in their own special way.


In 2012 I founded and created exactly that, Just Dance– It Newcastle.

dance studio where friendships are created through dance, our core value is about having fun and challenging everyone to be their best!  A safe, caring and fun environment where self-confidence grows. A dancestudio where every child can be a dance star!

With a great team behind Just Dance -It Newcastle we are now heading into our 7th year!


What is your favourite style of dance to teach?

This is a hard question, I love every style! If i had to choose just one it would probably have to be Cheerleading. I do have a little soft spot for it. Being apart of the Newcastle Knights Cheerleading Squad really developed this love. And Jazz, a mix of both really!


Why do you love to teach dance?

I love forever creating a positive environment and inspiring students to be themselves! I love being able to be a positive role model and encouraging each student that if they have the passion they can be amazing! I love being able to watch student’s self-confidence grow, see them make life long friendships and just watching my students improve and perform brings me so much joy! I honestly want to do teach dance forever!

Just Dance It Friendships created through dance.